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LPPTV Episode 2 – Have You Ever Had a 69?

Last week I shared with you how important it is for you to ‘Ban the Blame’ in relationships and instead look to take responsibility. But the question is, how? What does ‘taking responsibility’ look like? …and how can doing it make any difference to the challenges you’re experiencing in your relationship? After sharing last week’s […]

Are you settling in your relationship?

Last week I shared an article asking ‘Are you expecting the perfect relationship?’ and inviting you to consider the benefits of looking for a perfectly imperfect relationship. This week I’m showing you the other side of the coin. Because as much as we don’t want to be giving up on relationships because they aren’t ‘perfect’, […]

Are you expecting a ‘perfect relationship’?

Do you recognise this kind of ‘perfect’ relationship…? Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a Princess. This princess had lived her whole life waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive. Prince Charming would cross countries and and slay dragons to prove his love to the Princess. When he came […]