LPPTV Episode 12 - How Can You Get Comfortable Talking To Attractive People - Claire Brummell, The Relationist, Love Polarity and Passion

How Can You Get Comfortable With Talking To Attractive People?

LPPTV Episode 12 - How Can You Get Comfortable Talking To Attractive People - Claire Brummell, The Relationist, Love Polarity and PassionWe’ve all been there.

You see someone across a room who’s really attractive, but the very thought of going up to them and starting a conversation leaves your mouth dry, your palms sweaty and your heart feeling like it’s about to leap out of your chest.

I don’t know about you, but this was something I experienced over and over and over again when I was dating.

Every time I found someone attractive I became a babbling mess around them.  I wasn’t known for my shyness, but if I saw a man I liked, my nerves took over.

In fact, when I saw someone who I thought was attractive, I’d go out of my way to avoid them because the thought of talking to them made me so nervous!

So when I saw this question posed in a Facebook group that I’m a resident relationship expert for, I realised how important it was to share how I’d overcome this challenge, and how I get my clients to do the same: WHY is it sometimes HARDER to talk with very ATTRACTIVE people… WHY does self doubt or shyness kick in and how the heck does one combat this in order to become a Master Communicator that “can talk to anyone about anything”?

How can you get comfortable with talking to attractive people?  Watch the video now to find out:

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Now I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever found it difficult to talk to someone because you saw them as attractive? Have you had any stories to share where your nerves took over and got in the way of connecting with someone you liked? I’d love for you to try out the exercise I share in the video and share your experiences in the comments section. Or maybe when you give it a go you’ll have some questions to share.

Or, ask me a question that you would like me to answer on a future episode of LPPTV, what is the one thing you’d like to know? What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in your relationship situation right now?

…and if you’d like to watch the previous episodes of LPPTV about rejection that I mention in the video, you can find them here: Why is rejection awesome? & What does rejection really mean?

Please share with as much detail as you can because your insight and questions may provide a breakthrough for someone else and I guarantee if you’re thinking it, someone else is too and they could benefit from you having the courage to share your thoughts and questions.

Thank you in advance for having the courage to share and being kind and understanding in the comments.

…and if you haven’t already, be sure to get your hands on the FREE video series “The First Steps to Transforming Any Relationship” by clicking here now.

Wishing You Love,

Claire x

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4 replies
  1. SMc
    SMc says:

    Thank you CB – I recall a time around 5 or 6 years ago in a random hotel in Paris when that moment happened to me – the dry mouth, the palpitating heart, the words all colliding in my mouth and the mortification of not being able to string out a sentence – the person I was trying to communicate with?!?!?! Well, that was YOU Claire..!! So hearing all this has made me feel a pile better about that moment – and you’re beauty and brains are clearly being put to excellent use…well done, keep going and enjoy!

    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Hi, I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to respond, it looks like I was having some problems with the comments here on the blog. But I’m here now 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your experience here, I know it helps others to read these comments and know that they’re not alone in their experiences. I really admire your courage in sharing this on here, and I would love to share with you a link to an article that might give you a bit of insight into the reality of that moment:

      We all tend to see the world through our own glasses, and we forget that our prescription isn’t the same as everyone else’s! I know for sure that for a very long time, and definitely 5 or 6 years ago, I didn’t see myself as attractive or appreciate and value myself the way I do now. I hope that sharing this with you allows you to see YOUR own value, and gives you the courage to speak to anyone (whether you see them as attractive or not!) and see what could happen…

  2. Maria
    Maria says:

    Hi Claire,
    First of all, thank you for your videos, they have been very helpful to me. But I’d like to ask you something about my situation, which is a bit unusual. I’ve been emailing with this guy for over a year now, and I really like him. I have no idea how he feels about me but I think he at least doesn’t dislike me, or he would have stopped writing by now. We have the same principles, and share many interests, and we both enjoy having these deep intellectual conversations. The problem is, he hasn’t said anything about wanting to meet me yet. We live in different countries, which makes it more difficult (but not impossible, since I know people who easily overcame that barrier), and he added me on Skype a few months ago. We only chatted ‘face to face’ once, and it was extremely awkward. I had the impression that he wanted to hide if he could, as he didn’t know what to say and just kept staring at me. I thought it was cute but I felt awkward at just looking at him, so I pretended to be doing something else online to divert attention a little (I didn’t know what else to do). Despite all that, I loved having the chance to talk to him and hear his voice, but I have no idea what he thought of me. He even excused himself on his next email, saying he’s not a great talker. However, he kept emailing me like nothing ever happened, but never asked to Skype again. I would like to very much, but now I had the impression that something went wrong. Do you think he sees me only as a friend to write to or he’s shy? Sometimes I think he doesn’t have any interest in dating at all. How do I find that out? Thanks.

    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you so much for your question and sharing so openly on here. I think that the best thing I can do is to record an episode of LPPTV to answer your question, so I’ll get an episode recorded for you in the next few weeks, and let you know as soon as it’s available. If you’d like in the meantime, you can sign up for the free updates here: and you’ll then get every episode sent to you in an email so you won’t miss it.

      Thank you again for your question, I’ll get your episode recorded ASAP! 🙂


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