LPPTV Episode 2 - Have you ever had a 69 - Claire Brummell, The Relationist, Love Polarity & Passion

LPPTV Episode 2 – Have You Ever Had a 69?

LPPTV Episode 2 - Have you ever had a 69 - Claire Brummell, The Relationist, Love Polarity & PassionLast week I shared with you how important it is for you to ‘Ban the Blame’ in relationships and instead look to take responsibility.

But the question is, how?

What does ‘taking responsibility’ look like? …and how can doing it make any difference to the challenges you’re experiencing in your relationship?

After sharing last week’s episode I got sent a question asking exactly that:

Claire, your video has opened my eyes as my relationship has gone from great to “buddy/Friends” but every now and then we feel more than just that.

The blaming others and myself is something I will admit that I have been doing lately. With the blaming and taking responsibilities I am not sure how to shift myself and perhaps my mind is stuck in a rut.

Just a small example of asking your partner to do something and he acknowledges it will be done, but when I come home and nothing is done it drives me mad or feels like a lack of showing support.

Some days I just want to cut the string and go, but the other part of me wants to stay. I do love him but just hate the disconnection feeling.

This is really the first time I have opened up and I’d really like some input on how I can shift this by taking responsibilities.”

So how DO you take responsibility?  And what on EARTH has it got to do with a 69…?

Tweet the Love… If your partner isn’t meeting your needs, first ask yourself “Am I meeting theirs?” @LovePPassion

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What are the challenges that you’re currently facing in your relationship? And how can you ‘Triple S’ the situation?  What do you discover when you look at the situation from your partner’s point of view?

Or, ask me a question that you would like me to answer on a future episode of LPPTV, what is the one thing you’d like to know? What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in your relationship situation right now?

Please share with as much detail as you can because your insight and questions may provide a breakthrough for someone else and I guarantee if you’re thinking it, someone else is too and they could benefit from you having the courage to share your thoughts and questions.

Thank you in advance for having the courage to share and being kind and understanding in the comments.

…and if you haven’t already, be sure to get your hands on the FREE video series “The First Steps to Transforming Any Relationship” by clicking here now.

Wishing You Love,

Claire x

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