How Fast Should You Go From Online Dating To Real Life?

These days, when people are looking to begin dating or meeting new people, they will often give online dating a go.

It’s a great way to meet people who are actively telling you that they’re interested in dating.

It’s also a great way to meet more people then you would in your average week going about your day-to-day life.

But the question I often get asked is how quickly do you move a connection created online to meeting in real life?

Do you want to meet as soon as you connect?

Or do you want to build the connection online first?

As someone who has done quite a bit of online dating in the past, I’ve experienced both, and so I know from first hand experience what works, and what doesn’t, and it might not be what you’re expecting.

So how fast should you wait before moving an online connection into the real world? Watch the video now to find out…

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Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you done much online dating? Have you waited to connect in person, or have you met straight away? What has your experience been? Which has worked better for you? Which do you think would work best from your experience? Has the video brought up any questions?

Or, is there a question that you would like me to answer on a future episode of LPPTV? What is the one thing you’d like to know? What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in your relationship situation right now?

Please share with as much detail as you can because your insight and questions may provide a breakthrough for someone else and I guarantee if you’re thinking it, someone else is too and they could benefit from you having the courage to share your thoughts and questions.

Thank you in advance for having the courage to share and being kind and understanding in the comments.

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Wishing You Love,

Claire x

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